Teaching at DIS





Teachers new to the school often comment on what a family-oriented and positive atmosphere exists in each campus. Our students – both Lao and International – are well-mannered and eager to learn. Relationships between adults and students are respectful and positive. Diamond International School provides a purpose-built campus in Vientiane. Infrastructure and resources are improving as the school develops though it should always be remembered that Laos is a developing country, so sometimes patience and a good sense of humor is needed when things do not go according to plan!



We hire Highly Qualified Staff. While experience is preferred, in some appointments we are able to take those who are newly qualified. We encourage teachers who are enthusiastic, keen to develop their pedagogical skills and are willing to learn to apply – even if they are newly qualified.

  • Highly professional with high expectations

  • Child focused – warm, caring and supportive

  • Ability to work with parents and be part of a community

  • Team player – collaborative, adaptable, positive and flexible

  • Is tenacious and hard-working; delivering on commitments; possesses the willingness to go the extra mile

  • Enthusiastic and positive with the ability to inspire others with a “can do” attitude and a well-developed sense of humour

  • Commitment to ongoing professional development

  • General interest in Laos and SE Asia



We realize out teachers come to us from a wide range of different backgrounds, nationalities and cultures, but we appoint teachers who have some or all of these experiences – or a willingness to adapt to our requirements. Being experienced or understanding (or at the very least willing to learn) of working with students for whom English is an Additional Language (EAL).

  • A strong advocate of differentiation in the classroom

  • Competence with IT and experience of integrating IT with teaching

  • Experience with contemporary practices

  • A knowledge of different curricula and of effective Teaching and Learning practices with a broad understanding of contemporary assessment methodology

  • Experience in organizing and supporting school events and extra-curricular activities

  • Experience in coaching sports teams and/or performing arts

  • Experience in outdoor education & recreation programs



Self-starters are welcome ! Although we are a PYP Candidate School, the pedagogical experience of our teachers is less important than a willingness to adapt and share what they already know so that what we deliver across our campus is enhanced. Inquiry-based, activity-based and hands-on learning is particularly welcome.

  • Using local context and environment to enhance learning

  • Multi-cultural approach or experiences

  • Stimulating classroom environment

  • Experience in differentiating teaching techniques



Diamond International School is moving forward and rapidly expanding. Our Vision is to Become the Best that You can Be and therefore our teachers are part of a dedicated community with high expectations – excellence in teaching, full involvement in the school’s development and with extracurricular activities. Candidates considering working at DIS should be prepared to meet these expectations in addition to their regular teaching load.


Each school year has approximately 180 contact days with additional days for Professional Development and Preparation. The School Academic Year begins around mid August and ends around mid June. There is a New Staff Orientation program a week before classes begin. 


School normally starts at 09:00 for students, and ends at 3:30 for those in the international program – later for after school activities on some days. In addition all teachers take their share of the usual playground duties, attending staff and departmental meetings, and support major school events. One Saturday in the year everyone supports the School’s Annual Family Fun Day which is on occasion when the whole community joins together to celebrate our school and its activities. Teachers are expected on campus between 8am - 4pm. 



Staff meetings are compulsory for all teachers and are held once a week after school. Teachers are also required to offer an after school extra-curricular activity.