Parenting Tips

Dear Parents:

We all want the best for our children. Sometimes, we think they need more school work, homework, friends, sports, or better grades. However, many of these items can cause pressure on students and undermine their well being. As educators, we want the best for your children.

Consider placing emphasis on this list:

  • My child is valued as an individual

  • My child feels a sense of belonging

  • My child’s strengths matter more than his weaknesses

  • My child is intrinsically motivated

  • My child forms meaningful relationships

  • My child experiences personal growth

  • My child contributes to the community

  • My child loves learning

  • My child has ownership of her decisions and accepts the consequences

  • My child is allowed to fail and learn from his mistakes

If you would like to read more on this topic, take a look at this book below.

‘Wellbeing is a state of health, happiness and positive engagement that arises from membership of an equitable, inclusive and cohesive environment’ (“Contextual Wellbeing”, Helen Street 2016 )

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