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Learning Stories

Early Years Programme (EYP) students learn through play. Teachers observe and record student play in “Learning Stories.” The observation strategy began in New Zealand Pre-schools and is now very popular around the world. EYP Teachers observe on a regular basis to document their students learning through play. Learning Stories can then be shared with the student, class, and parents. The final Story goes into the student portfolio to share at parent conference time. The power of sharing Learning Stories is amazing.

What does a Learning Story look like? It is a small vignette in the life of the classroom. Learning Stories always focus on the positive. The teacher begins by taking notes while observing a student at play. The teacher asks questions and takes photos. Then the teacher reads the story to the student and asks questions about the learning experience. The Learning Story is then sent home to parents for feedback. The Story shows that their child is valued, competent and learning daily. Children will also develop new interests and feel a sense of self worth. Learning Stories help develop a sense of identity and teach children what it is like to be part of a class community.