Frequently asked questions

How is Diamond International School different from other International Schools in Vientiane?

DIS is located in the northern part of the city that is being developed into the future business area. We are a brand new campus offering an international curriculum with a swimming pool, two purpose built playgrounds, and a soccer field.

Can English language learners study at DIS?

English is the primary language of instruction by our teachers. We do accept beginning English language learners. We will provide English language support for our students. However, in line with our values and philosophy, we do not charge any additional fees for this support.

What is the application timeline?

Please stop by and visit our beautiful, new campus. Meet the staff and see our modern facilities. You are welcome to complete an application in our Admissions Office or take one home. Applications can be submitted at anytime, and we will respond to you within a week.

What is the DIS Curriculum?

We are currently in the process of becoming PYP certified. The Primary Years Program is for students ages 3-12 and part of the International Baccalaureate (IB) framework. Our curriculum focuses on more than teaching subject area content. We also include learning styles, teaching methods, resources, and assessments.

How much homework is assigned?

Homework varies by teacher and grade level. We believe that homework is a means of reinforcing skills, concepts and building connections. Students should be able to complete it independently at home.

What time does the school begin and end?

The DIS Daily Schedule is from 8:00am-3:00pm. Early Dismissal Days are on Wednesdays at 1:00 pm for teacher meetings.

Do students need to wear a school uniform?

Yes, all students wear a DIS uniform. They may be purchased in our Reception Office Monday-Fridays during school hours.

Does DIS provide student lunch and snacks?

Yes, parents may pay by the month for a daily lunch and a snack. Payment is due in the Reception Office by the first day of each month. Otherwise, you are welcome to send a snack and lunch to school with your child.

What are some common phrases in Laos?

Common Phrases in Laos Koi = I Jao = Yes Baw = No Sai ba dee = Hello Sai ba dee baw = How are you? Laa gawn = Goodbye Koi baw kaow chai = I don't understand Kaw thod = Excuse me/sorry Taw dai = How much? Kop chai = Thank you Sok dii = Good luck Baw bpen nyang = No problem Paitala = Go to the market ພາສາລາວ = Lao language